Next Steps

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To finish out the summer, we leave you with one last blog entry. The links below provide information about upcoming endeavors related to data science education. As we become aware of other projects, we are likely to add to the list. Feel free to check back to see what is new on the horizon. Thanks for all the great feedback that we’ve gotten over the summer. Here’s to many future discussions on data science education.

About this blog

Each day during the summer of 2019 we added a new entry to this blog on a given topic of interest to educators teaching data science and statistics courses. Each entry was intended to provide a short overview of why it is interesting and how it can be applied to teaching. We anticipated that these introductory pieces can be digested daily in 20 or 30 minute chunks that left readers in a position to decide whether to explore more or integrate the material into your own classes. By following along for the summer, we hope that you developed a clearer sense for the fast moving landscape of data science.

We welcome comments on entries. However, comments on the blog should be constructive, encouraging, and supportive. We reserve the right to delete comments that violate these guidelines.